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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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9th Grade Exam review

This is the act of stealing or passing off someone else's words as your own.
A_____card contains one source each. It is a useful note taking skill for research.
Paris believes he will marry Juliet. The audience knows she is already married to Romeo. What type of irony is this?
A detail that can be proven.
The detective vowed to search for the killer to the ends of the earth. What type of figurative language?
When a character shares their inner thoughts alone on stage, they are giving a _______.
The last sentence in the introduction that tells what the paper is about
The prologue in Romeo and Juliet tells the audience that the lovers will die. What literary device is being used?
The sky cried down huge tears. What type of figurative language?
The grape soda was so sweet that I could taste the syrup. What kind of imagery?
A book about a person's life written by someone else.
Description that appeals to one or more of the five senses
Clues that help the reader determine the meaning of a word.
What is it called when something different happens than is expected?
A conflict that occurs when a character has a moral dilemma.
The moon is like a big silver coin. What figurative language technique is being used?
If a clumsy person is called "the new Michael Jordan," it's using this type of irony.
Searching the internet or books in order to learn more about a subject.
The sentence in a paragraph that tells what it is about.
Written by a person about their own life.
Romeo and Juliet is this type of play.
This is the last page of a paper, and it contains all your sources.
A conflict between a character and their outside environment
The action reaches its greatest intensity
These are beliefs that cannot be proven.
An instructional manual is this type of text.
Never use this popular online source.
Evidence from what you read + what you know + what you conclude = an ____________.
The building tension in a story. It makes the reader want to know what happens next.
Cinderella is an example of this genre.
An ______helps the writer manage and organize ideas before writing a paper.
He is barking up the wrong tree. This is an example of an ________.
My dog Pips is covered in spots. What word should have commas on either side?