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Chapter 1 - The World of Earth Science

The study of the ocean that is divided into physical, biological, geological, and chemical components.
The use of any of the senses to gather information.
A series of steps that scientists use to answer questions and solve problems.
A possible explanation or answer to a question. Sometimes called an educated guess.
A unifying explanation for a broad range of hypotheses and observations that have been supported by testing.
The amount of space that something occupies or the amount of space something contains.
A community of organisms and their nonliving environment.
The amount of matter that something is made of.
The study of the solid Earth.
The study of the entire atmosphere.
A worldwide increase in temperature.
Basic unit of length in the SI system.
The measure of how hot or cold something is.
The study of physical things beyond Earth. This is the study of everything in space.
Representations of objects or systems.