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Level 3 Science

This is when light bounces off a surface and shows the image in front of it, such as a face in a mirror.
This is when two things are NOT drawn to each other and instead move away from one another.
This is the condition of being in good health.
This is what you do when you limit how much you use of something so that it is not completely destroyed.
This is the practice of keeping our bodies clean in order to be healthy.
This is a group of animals you cannot hunt or kill because there are only a few of these animals still alive.
This is a new idea or something that someone creates in order to make life easier or better.
This is what occurs when two things are drawn to each other, such as a magnet and a piece of metal.
This is a word for what you have when you are sick with a serious illness.
This is what occurs when a certain kind of animal no longer exists.
This is the complete path of an electric current, including the item that makes the electricity.
This is the overall condition of a person's body and mind.
This is a question that must be fixed or solved in order to find an answer.
These are things people do on a regular basis, often as a part of a routine.
This is the study of rocks, land, and the history of the earth.
This is what the result of a scientific experiment teaches you; the summary you reach from the data.
This is a form of power with positive and negative charges.
This is what we do when we use our senses to examine something and gather information about it.
This is the flow of electricity through a circuit.
This is having a diet where you eat good foods that help keep you healthy.
This is a large body or mass that orbits around the sun.
This is a substance that electricity does NOT flow through easily, like rubber or cloth.
This is a group of animals or plants that share similar qualities.
This is a substance that electricity flows through easily, like metal.
This is a cell that produces and electrical current.