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Science Vocabulary

Light colored rock with high silica content.
Clouds that look like cotton.
The rise and fall of ocean water.
A material found in magma that forms from the elements oxygen and silicon.
Huge group of single stars.
Factors that can change in an experiment.
The push or pull exerted on an object.
Object that revolves around another object in space.
Relatively thin envelope of gases that forms Earth's outermost layer.
Working model
Outside of a science laboratory.
Wave caused by an earthquake beneath the ocean floor.
Lines joining places on the map that have the same air pressure.
Break in earths crust where rocks have slipped past each other.
Imaginary line that passes through the earths center.
To have many parts.
A disturbance that transfers energy.
Land area that supplies water to a river system.
Original idea, object or process.
Climate region that stretches across northern Alaska, Canada and Russia.