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God Cares

Read Psalm 130 & Psalm 139 for more clues
about how deeply God cares about you.
What you tell people you trust. God knows, too.
The one who knows us best and loves us always.
The start of something (God is there).
Things that scare us.
Where God is.
The word for loving, worrying, liking, hoping, and wanting the best for someone.
What night watchmen watch for.
Ancients words of God that matter today.
Where we can go to get away from God.
Happy or sad, God always knows how we are __________.
What God does when we do something wrong.
Fact or fiction, God always knows what we are __________.
The end of something (God is still there).
No matter what, we always have ____ in God.
Where we read God's Word.