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Green Bay is Wisconsin's ______ city.
Frank Lloyd ______ was born in Richland Center on June 8, 1867
The state's constitution is the oldest of any state west of the _________ Mountains. It was adopted in 1848.
The first Ringling Brothers Circus was staged in _______ in 1884.
Sturgeon Bay is the ____________ Capital of the Great Lakes.
Wisconsin is the _____ capital of the United States.
In 1882 the first _____________ plant in the United States was built at Fox River.
Bonduel is the ________ capital of Wisconsin.
The __________ Party was founded in Ripon in 1854.
Green Bay is the ______ _____ Capital of the World.
With an average of 2,500 performers, Milwaukee's __________ is the nation's largest music festival.
_______ is the Jump Rope Capital of the World.
Mercer is the ____ Capital of the World.
The first practical ___________ was designed in Milwaukee in 1867.
Potosi is the _______ Capital of the state.
Somerset is the Inner ______ Capital of the World.
Two Rivers is the home of the ice cream ______.
Boscobeel is the ______ Capital of the state.
Marshfield is located in the geographic center of the state and is known ___ ____.
____ City is Wisconsin's oldest incorporated village.
The _________ hall of fame is located in Seymour.
______ Lake was established in 1911. The facility has become one of Wisconsin's oldest and most famous state parks. It leads the state parks in attendance.
The state is nicknamed the ______ State.
The nation's first ____________ was established in Watertown in 1856.
The National Freshwater _______ Hall of Fame is in Hayward.
Wausau is the _______ Capital of the World.
_________ is home of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
Eagle River is known as the __________ Capital of the World.
Wisconsin produces more ____ than any other state.
Sheboygan is the _________ Capital of the World.
Monroe is the _____ Cheese Capital of the World.