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Arkansas is officially known as The ________ State.
The Arkansas River is the longest _______ to flow into the Mississippi-Missouri river system. Its total length is 1,450 miles.
Scott Joplin, popular musician and composer, was born in __________.
The ____ tree is the official state tree.
Alma claims to be the _______ Capital of the World.
The ______ National Forest covers more than one million acres.
_______ is the official state mineral. It was designated in 1967.
The _________ is the official state bird. It was designated in 1929.
Famous singer Johnny ____ was born in Kingsland.
The South Arkansas vine ripe ____ tomato is the official state fruit and blossom. It was designated in 1987.
The state contains ___ national park sites, two-and-a half million acres of national forests, seven national scenic byways, three state scenic byways, and 50 state parks.
The community of Mountain View is called the ____ Capital of America.
The Magnet Cove region claims to contain 102 varieties of ________.
A person from Arkansas is called an __________.
________ National Forest reigns as the oldest national forest in the South.
Mount Ida is known as the Quartz _______ Capital of the World.
___________ in the state range from 54 feet above sea level in the far southeast corner to 2,753 feet above at Mount Magazine, the state's highest point.
The _______ crystal is the official state rock
____ is the official state beverage.
The ______ is the official state instrument.
Clark Bluff overlooking the St. Francis River contains ______ to supply the nation for years.
Sam Walton founded his _______ stores in Bentonville.
North Little Rock offers one of the nation's largest __________ parks.
The World's Championship Duck Calling Contest is held annually in _________.
The ________ is the official state insect.
The ________ is the official state gem. It was designated in 1967.
________ contains over 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers.
The _____ blossom is the official state flower. It was designated in 1901.
47 ___ springs flow from the southwestern slope of ___ Springs Mountain, at an average temperature of 143 F.
________ became the 25th state on June 15, 1836.