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Geometry Project: Crossword Puzzle

The ______ of a regular polygon is the distance from the center to a side. You can use this to find the area of the figure using ½ap.
Two angles that are formed by two pairs of opposite rays. They are congruent angles.
An angle with its vertex on the circle and with its sides as chords of the circle. Its measure is ½ of its intercepted arc
A perpendicular segment of a triangle from a vertex to its opposite base. It is used as the height of a triangle
A polygon with 5 sides. It has central angles that are 72 degrees.
A 3-dimensional figure with polygon faces. Prisms and pyramids are considered as ______.
Figure that are _______ have the same shape and have corresponding sides that are proportional. They can be proven using AA~, SAS~, and SSS~ .
The smaller arc of a circle. It is written with only 2 letters when it is labeled.
An _______ figure is a slanted figure. You can use the Cavalieri's Principle to find the volume of that type of figure.
An equation that is true for all allowed values of the variable. An example is sinx = cos(90-x).
A change in the position, size or shape of a figure. It includes translation, rotation, reflection, and dilation.
A polygon with 8 sides. It has central angles that are 45 degrees.
"A congruence transformation", an original figure and its image are congruent. Translation, rotation, and reflection would be considered as an ______, but not dilation.
The size change from a pre-image to its image in a dilation. If <1 it is a reduction, and >1 is an enlargement.
The _______ of a triangle is the point of intersection of the medians of that triangle. The point where all three side perpendicular bisectors intersect.
The longest side of a right triangle. The "c" in the Pythagorean Theorem, a^2 + b^2 = c^2.
________ are non adjacent interior angles of an exterior angle of a triangle. The sum of the two remote angles is the same as the measure of their exterior angle.
In a trapezoid, it joins the midpoints of the non parallel opposite sides. In a triangle, it joins the midpoints of two sides of the triangle.
Congruent circles will have the same ______. You can use the formula, measure of arc/360 • circumference to find it.
A ______ is a parallelogram with four congruent sides. This shape does not have four right angles like a square or a rectangle.