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Geometry Crossword Puzzle

A line with two endpoints. This term, unlike a line, has a set distance.
Three-dimensional figure with a circular base that meets at 1 point. The horizontal cross section is a circle and the vertical cross section is a triangle.
Any polygon with four sides. It encompasses a group and not any one specific shape.
A tool used to create arcs and circles. We had a test problem on the 1st semester final that we had to use this tool on.
The distance around a circle. We found it by multiplying the radius by 2 and pi.
A triangle that has all three sides and angles the same. The angles are all 60 degrees and we break up regular polygons into this to find the area of said polygon. (two words combined into one)
Half of the diameter of a circle, it extends from any point on a circle to the middle. It is used in many different formulas including the area of a circle formula.
An angle with a measure of less than 90. It is a cute angle. (2 words combined into one)An angle with a measure of less than 90. It is a cute angle. (2 words combined into one)
A triangle with no congruent sides. Sounds like "scaling" a triangle. (two words combined into one)
A 90 degree angle. It is the angle you see in a doorway. (two words combined into one)
A conjecture that is proven. _____>Postulate
A position in space. In our class, we represent it as a dot.
Lines that never intersect and stay the same distance away from each other at all times. They are like railroad tracks.(two words combined into one)
It means corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent. The term is an acronym that is used in two-column proofs.
A triangle where two of the three sides are congruent. It rhymes with "Hercules". (two words combined into one)
Longest side of a right triangle. It is the "c" in the Pythagorean theorem.
A triangle with one angle that is 90 degrees. We find the missing side lengths of said triangle through the Pythagorean theorem. (two words combined into one)
Lines that do not intersect and are not parallel. In other words, they do not lie on the same plane. Lastly, the term also rhymes with a-choo lines. (two words combined into one)
A segment whose endpoints reside on the circle. It is like a piano ______.
A ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles. We had to construct it on a compass. (2 words combined into one)