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Algebra Vocabulary

We do math better when we speak math better
This word means to compute the value of an expression
A number with no fractional component, such as 7, -12, 0, 84 ...
A number whose decimal representation never ends and never repeats (like pi).
The (X,Y) set of values that tell you the position of a point
The multiplying of each of the terms in parentheses by another term outside the parentheses
A "pair" of two numbers, written as (A,B), used to identify a point on a coordinate plane
What we call an equation whose graph is a straight line, usually written as Y=MX+B
A whole number divisible only by 1 and itself
A number that can be represented as a fraction of two whole numbers
The horizontal line defining the "left and right" dimension in the coordinate plane
A number used to multiply a variable, usually seen in polynomials
PEMDAS is an acronym used to remember "Order of ???"
A whole numbers can be represented uniquely as a product of its "???". Example: 42 = 2 x 3 x 7
The multiplicative inverse of a number
The bottom part of a fraction
A mathematical statement that two expressions are equal
Any of the four regions formed by the axes on the coordinate plane
The top part of a fraction
A quantity representing the POWER to which a number or expression is to be raised
A symbol used to represent an unknown quantity
The property that means "order independent". For example, 4+7=7+4
A ratio whose fractional representation has a denominator equal to 100
A line with a slope of zero
What the 'P' stands for in PEMDAS
Given two numbers, you compute this by adding them together and dividing by two
The vertical line defining the "up and down" dimension in the coordinate plane