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Irregular Verbs & Assorted

Past for speak
Your mother and father are your ____________
Participle for wear
Past of fight
The meal we eat at 8:00 AM
If you mix the colors green and red you make ___________
Past of blow
The largest fruit
Participle for bleed
Participle for hide
English word for plata
Past of seek
Participle for lose
Participle for steal
You eat cereal with a ___________
At 7:00 PM we say Good ___________
Past for sing
Past of go
Participle for forget
Comb your _______
Participle for known
At 1:00 we eat _________
Participle for forgive
Participle for sweep
Past verb to be
Past for pay
Your uncle's children are your ______________
You wear a ring on your ___________
Tuesday, Wednesday, ________, Friday
A girls shirt
You have 10 _______on your feet
On your feet you wear shoes and _____________
If you mix the colors red and yellow you make __________
Participle of break