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Cell Review

Gas produced by plant cells during photosynthesis.
Liquid material that fills up a cell.
Organelle that stores water and other materials.
Gas produced by cells during cellular respiration.
Organelle in plants that performs photosynthesis (uses sunlight to make sugar).
Organelle that helps to make and transport proteins.
Tool used to see microorganisms.
The control center of a cell.
Cells that have a nucleus, like animal and plant cells.
The protective cover of a cell that separates the inside of a cell from its environment.
Cells that have no nucleus, like bacteria.
The smallest unit of living thing.
The powerhouse of a cell, it breaks down sugar to make energy (ATP).
Small organelles that make proteins.
Outer layer of a plant cell that gives it a strong structure.
Organelle that digests wastes and worn-out cell parts.
The ___ Complex packages proteins so they can be moved out of a cell.
The movement of water molecules across a membrane to "even out" the concentration of salts or sugars.