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Chapter 31 Pearson biology

_________ is a neurotransmitter that is associated with pleasure and rewards.
________ nerves transmit signals to the brain. 906
Nerve cells in our skin are part of our ______ nervous system. 896
Nerve impulses transfer from one neuron to the next by chemicals called _______. 900
Hemispheres are connected by the corpus __________ 902
Heart rate is regulated by the _______ stem. 903
__________ nerves transmit signals to the muscles. 907
The limbic system structures are linked to emotion, behavior, and ________. 902
Taste and small involve detecting ________. 910
The graphic on page 905 shows that addicts have lower dopamine levels. This appears ______ on the PET imaging. 905
Nerve impulses are like an _______ current. 898
_________ helps with muscle coordination, especially learned - repeated motions.
White matter that connects different parts of the cerebrum. 902
The inner layer of the _______ is made of white matter.
The cerebral cortex is made of _______ matter. 902