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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Happy Father's Day!

You don't want these on your car!!!
Every weekend during the summer we went ____________!
Burnt at every meal!
Debbi's favorite fruit!
Bite the ____ of Hannah Rose!
What we hung on the jeep dashboard!
Book series you read over and over to Hannah!
Our family's favorite number!
No, you cannot have another bunny... where's my ________?
_______________ in Paradise!
Our first dog!
Happiest place on Earth!
Hannah ate the whole plate full when she was tiny!
Let 'er ________!
Favorite music!
What Grace and Gavin call you!
Why, Ike, are we _______?
Hot springs in the ocean!
Matress in the car, popcorn, licorice, fall asleep on the way home...
Lights on the roof...
Yummy white sauce, hamburger, and egg on toast!
What you call a grandpa who looks in windows at Christmas presents!
Merry Christmas _________!
Great in coffee!
Mom's favorite flowers in the woods!