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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Mastermind Of Geometry

You use these two column structures in order to provide reason or justifications. In order to prove that your innocent you need to have valid evidence or __________.
Two angles are ________when they add up to 180 degrees.
Could be described as the Radius/i of a regular polygon.You need this measurement or term in order to get the area of a polygon.
The term of this word can be described as the angles on the inside. You have exterior and ________.
These type of figures are usually shown slanted. They are neither parallel nor at a right angle to a specific/ implied line.
This is one of the four transformations. When the Y stays the same but the X changes this is called a _______.
This is a point where all three altitudes of the triangle intersect. Think of the altitudes of a triangle.
This line is usually found within a parallelogram. Also, this line helps validate proofs.
The term of this word can be described as the angles on the outside. You have interior and ________.
Are any 2-dimensional shapes that are formed with straight lines and are CLOSED Figures. Squares, Pentagon, Hexagon, etc.
A line that passes through the center of the circle and half this line is the radius.
90 degrees Clockwise, 180 counterclockwise, 270 clockwise are examples of ________.
Triangles have 3 _______, pentagons have 5 ________. Hexagon have 6 ______.
These types of lines bisect each other to form a 90 degrees angle.
When all the angles in a triangles are the same, but this is not a equilateral triangle
The angles and side lengths of two triangles are the same, which means that they are_______. HINT:CPCTC
In a parallelogram these angles are on side of the transversal. However, the are not same side interior, which means that they are C___________ angles.
A straight line the touches the edge of a circle. Two of these lines that share a common endpoint... the measurement of the line are congruent.
The triangles aren't congruent, but they are proportional to each other.
This is form by 2 rays sharing a common vertex and forming a _____. These can be obtuse or acute.