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The ABC's and the XYZ's of the BIBLE Part II

The oldest city in the world and the first city Israel conquered under Joshua.
The site where the Hebrews stayed for most of the 38 years after leaving Mount Sinai and before entering the Promised Land.
Person guarding access to an important or restricted place.
The Latin translation of the Bible by Jerome about A.D. 400.
GOD'S becoming human; the union of divinity and humanity in Jesus of Nazareth.
The transformation of Jesus in His appearance with Moses and Elijah before James, Peter, and John.
Leader who was among the first to return with Zerubbabel from exile to Judah in about 538 B.C.
One of the four prominent centers in the New Testament account of the early church; the other three being Jerusalem, Antioch of Syria, and Ephesus.
______ of _____ the 50th year after seven cycles of seven years in which Israel's land and people gained freedom.
The place where Jesus went after the Last Supper, a garden outside the city, across the Kidron on the Mount of Olives.
This expression taken from Latin words means 1,000 years.
In the Old Testament, it suggests hidden or unrecognized dangers.
Persian king who reigned 486-464 B.C. , known in the book of Esther as Ahasueras.
Sum of money charged for a loan.
Fairness and straight-forwardness of conduct.
Term used to indicate pardon for a fault or offense; to excuse from payment of a debt owed.
A period before Christmas when Christians prepare for the celebration of Jesus' birth.
An attitude of disrespect that finds expression in an act directed against the character of GOD.
The responsibility to manage all the resources of life for the glory of GOD, acknowledging Him as provider.
_____ of _____ used to express several emotions, including anger, indignation, vexation, grief, bitterness and fury.
The place where the Messiah would appear at the end of time.
Region of Nubia, just south of Egypt, from the first cataract of the Nile into the Sudan.
In the Old Testament, GOD'S provision of food for Israel in the wilderness.
Sign used by diviners to predict the future.
Something left over, especially the righteous people of GOLD after divine judgment.
Gospel of _____. The longest book in the New Testament.