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The British Open

Has hosted 29 times
Trophy for winning the Open
Number of rounds played
Won 3 times as an amateur (the most)
Winners Fred (1947) and John (1995)
Won the first 4-hole playoff
What I didn't want to take
Common feature of host courses
Televising Open in the U.S.
3-time champ now on TV
1899 invention made golf easier
5-time champion recently died
Only winner from Spain
Only 6-time champion
Site of first Open in 1860
Number of courses that have hosted
17th at St. Andrews
Runner-up six times
Duel in the Sun
Tall grass
Won back-to-back in 2007, '08
Caddie from Connecticut
Oldest champion
Site in 2018
Amount of the first prize
Won his first Open in 1966
Country with most champions
Finished most strokes under par (-20)
Won in 1975, '77, '80, '82, '83
Won back-to-back in 2005, '06
Royal & -------
Birthplace of golf
Historic collapse on 18th in 1999
Reason for no Open in 1915-19
Led American Invasion in 1961
Defending champion