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R/Wr 6 Global Warming Vocab Unit 7A/B

Review Vocab for Final Exam

(n) the ability to enter
(adj) surprising, unforeseen
(two words) S + BE + p.p. + by + agent
(n) amounts
(n) tells the reader why something happens i.e. because, since, as
(n) tells the reader what happens as a result i.e. therefore, consequently, thus, as a result
(n) person who works to protect nature
(adj) cannot be prevented
(v) to reveal, to expose
(n) change
(n) a supply of things that are needed
(adj) dying from lack of food
(v) to give money to
(n) result
(n) a business organization
(n) (three words) is written to give reasons and explanations for events, behavior or conditions
(adj) must be done very soon
(adj) urgently important
(adj) becoming liquid
(adj) enough, adaquate
(n) racial or cultural background
(v) to find the answer