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Halloween: Michael Myers

What did Jamie tell Michael that he couldn't have before he killed her.
Laurie had to babysit__on Halloween.
Lynda ask Bob to go get us some__ok don't take your clothes off.
Where did Charlie and John want to go that he had to ask Ronny for?
What did Rachel spill on Brady's girlfriend who is Kelly?
How many nurses did Michael kill in Halloween 2?
Are you afraid to_ Michael?
Michael chased Billy, Tina nd__ with his car through the woods.
What date did Dr. Loomis die?1995
Laurie killed the wrong_.
Jamie went to the costume store and she found a__costume. She got scared because she saw Michael.
Rachel took Jamie out for_.
What is Jamie's baby name?
What did Michael used to kill Mike in Halloween 5?
Who was taken to Haddonfield hospital?
Who shoot Michael six times?
What did Rachel promise Jamie when she picks her up from school?
Michael complete his whole__.
Who was the main evil and also was responsible for Michael's action?
In Halloween H2O Laurie has a son named__.
How hot was the temperature in the hot tub that Michael drown Karen in?
Tommy wanted to carve a
What did Bob and Lynda do in Annie's bedroom before they die?
What was the date that Michael came home to Haddonfield?
How many times did Michael stab his sister?
Who is Will? Laurie's_______.
Freddie told Michael happy_ Halloween.
Michael stabbed__with the sizers.
Who did Michael kill in the begging of the story in H2O and her house was broken into.
Which one of Laurie's friends did Michael kill?
Where did Jamie hide her baby?
Michael was so_ when Dr. Loomis tried to talk to him.
Who did Michael kill when he got out of the medical institution?
Laurie was so__ of Michael and people thought of him as the boggyman.
Where does Laurie Strode live in now because she moved away to fake her death.
Who said leave her alone she's just a little girl and comes running?
Michael cut Laurie's arm and she fell down the__.
How old was Michael when he killed his sister?
Where did Michael stab John at?