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Chap 8 Public Opinion-Mass Media

Teacher: Mr. Grant
Occupation and ___ are usually more significant then, say, gender or place of residence in forming public opinion.
Interest groups are also known as ___ groups and special interest groups.
Public opinion is best measured by public opinion ___, devices that attempt to collect information by asking questions.
Newspapers have been replaced by ______ as the principal source of political information.
The internet has spawned the growth of weblogs, also called ____--web site posting devoted to some specific subject.
______ events can have a major impact on the views of a large number of people.
Because it's so conveniently available, ____ survives as a major medium.
Schools teach children the values of the American political system and work to ____ the young.
Public _____ is the sum of the opinions of many different people.
A number of built in factors work to _____ the media's impact on the American voting public.
Those attitudes held by a significant number of people on matters of government and politics is called ____ opinion.
The term that means the whole population that a poll aims to measure.
In a democracy, the voice of the people is supposed to express itself through the _____ box.
Not many issues capture the ____ of all--or even nearly all--Americans.
________ media include those means of communication that can be reach large, widely dispersed audiences simultaneously.
People with whom one regularly associates, including friends, classmates, neighbors, and coworkers are called ______.
______ poll-taking is an extremely complex process.
The media have the power to ___ the public's attention on a specific subject.
The media often reflect only the views of a vocal _______ .
An opinion _____ is any person who has usually strong influence on the views of others.
On balance, the major polls are fairly ____ but still far from perfect.
In American politics, a ______ refers to the instructions or commands a constituency gives to its elected officials.
Early formation of public opinion is largely due to the influence of _____ and family.
Most newspapers are___ and are still an important source of information about government and politics.