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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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God is with you through trials.

WORD BANK: murder, mercy, Egypt, favor, God, Judah, sent, prison, meal, comforted, stripped, Jacob, lie, attitude, Joseph, disappearance, rescue, hated, forsake, LORD
Joseph pleaded for his life from the pit as the brothers sat to eat this. Gen 37:25
Genesis 37 tells the story of _______. Gen 27:2
Your God will not leave you or _______ you. Duet 31:6
Joseph found _____ in the sight of his new master. Gen 39:4
His special, colorful tunic was ________ off him. Gen 37:23
The brothers concocted a lie to explain Joseph's _____________ . Gen 37:31 - 32
Who sent Joseph to Egypt. Gen 45:8
He suggested that Joseph be sold to the Midianite traders.
Where Joseph was after the master's wife accused him. Gen 39:20
When the brothers saw him coming they decided to _______ him. Gen 37:18
They lived with this for 20 years.
He was with Joseph during all this tragedy. Gen 39:2
Jacob mourned his son and refused to be __________.Gen 37:35
Joseph was not bitter and resentful, but had a good _______.
Joseph's brothers __________ him. Gen 37:3
Jacob loved him more than all the rest of his children. Gen 37:3
Rueben wanted to ______ him later, and had Joseph put in a pit. Gen 37:22
Joseph was sold into slavery in this country. Gen 39:1
Jacob _______ Joseph to check up on his brothers. Gen 37:13
The LORD was with Joseph and had this on him. Gen 39:21