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The 20 richest NGS Labs on Planet Earth

If you need any extra clues, contact Michael Farmer at 415-994-8852 in New York, or [email protected]
G'Day Mate! Our HiSeq X10 is farther south than any other.
Town of France's busiest sequencing lab
Acronym for busiest lab in Manhattan
World's richest sequencing lab is in Salt Lake City.
Our legendary founder fired everybody, then quit.
Ten NovaSeqs are replacing our X10 in Alabama.
Busiest non-profit sequencing lab in US makes a fortune and pays very well.
This Rostock lab is Germany's busiest private NGS lab.
Shanghai's busiest NGS lab
US City of McDonnell Genome Center
Beijing lab named for small fruit has world's biggest NextSeq collection.
Second biggest NGS lab (by revenue) wants to sell you sequencers too.
Pay us a little, pay us a lot, or don't pay us. We don't care. We monetize the data better than you do.
This Beijng lab has the most NovaSeqs and Sequels.
Illumina's biggest customer in Korea.
Canada's busiest sequencing lab
Busiest sequencing lab in Texas
Busiest UK sequencing lab
German acronym for cancer foundation with HiSeq X10
We sell library prep to labs, and we just bought 10 NovaSeqs for our own lab.