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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Animals in USA

Smallest but most numerous of the bears in America
Some birds eat these they are slimey
Looks like a small wolf and can live almost anywhere
Largest of the bears
We watched a video of these animals eating seals
Largest member of the weasel family
Type of fish that we caught at Baltimore woods
Tallest animal in the world
Longest of the snake family
The largest bird anyone saw at camp talooli
Heaviest of the snake family
Large bodied poisonous snake that lives in the US
Some people keep these as pets
Large reptile that does not live in saltwater
These animals give us meat and milk
No one knows if this animal even exists.
Gray furry animal that lives in and around trees
Smaller than beavers but live in similar areas
This is a rodent that is nocturnal and wears a mask
These animal build dams
Type of fish that comes in largemouth and smallmouth varieties
Major predator of zebras and gazelles
We get wool from these animals
Longest animal in the world
This animal is the bad guy in many fairy tales
A national symbol
These animals are used for meat and eggs
Bird that is mostly blue. NY's state bird
Largest land predator in the lower 48 states
Some people eat this sea animal with butter. Restaurant chain with this in its name
Some of us got bitten by these at Camp Talooli
Tiny bird that eats nectar
Where the myth of the unicorn comes from
Many people hunt these animals all throughout the US. whitetail variety
This animal is also called a woodchuck
These animals hop and keep their babies in a pouch
This animal only eats bamboo
Large reptile that can live in saltwater.
A babyy goose is called a _____
Some of saw these in the lake at Camp Talooli
First animal in the dictionary
A white whale found in the arctic
Franklin schools mascot
Bird that signals springtime is here
People use these animals to carry things for them
What a baby deer is called