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Astronomy Vocabulary Crossword

Author: LeAnn Stinemates
Act of rotating especially on an axis.
One of thousands of small planets between Mars and Jupiter.
Point in the path of the sun when the sun is farthest north or south of the equator.
Process of changing to a simpler form.
All of space and everything in it including stars, planets, galaxies, etc.
A straight line on which something rotates.
Small body of matter in the solar system seen when it falls into earth's atmosphere where the heat friction causes it to glow brightly for a short time.
The total or partial hiding of a planet, star, or moon by another.
Something that rises and falls.
A bright heavenly body that develops a cloudy tail as it moves closer to the sun in its orbit.
The earth's natural satellite that shines by reflecting light from the sun.
Central of most important part.
The continuous radiation of charged particles from the sun's surface.
One of the dark spots that appear form time to time on the sun's surface and are usually visible only through a telescope.
Broad band of light that stretches across the sky and is caused by the light of a very great number of faint stars.
The act or process of melting or making fluid by heat.
Planet we live on.
The four quarters that make up a year.
A heavenly body other than a comet, asteroid, or satellite that travels in orbit around the sun.