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Thermal Physics monster crossword puzle

Mr. P
Energy due to motion.
One of the possible substances used in liquid-in-glas thermometers.
One unit used to measure pressure. Surname of the french scientist, Blaise ... .
Pressure due to the air which surrounds the Earth.
Physical quantity defined as the force per unit area.
Random movent of polen grains in water first observed by the british botanist Robert Brown.
Instrument used to measure temperature.
Thin strip of two different metals bonded together.
Space deliberately designed to avoyd the dangers of thermal expansion.
Slight increase in a solid, liquid or gas due to a rise in temperature.
Physical quantity deffined as a measurement the average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance.
Instruments that measure atmospheric pressure.
Measurement of mass per unit volume.
Its particles can flow to fill any shape. The particles are close together and attract each other. But thet vibrate so vigorously that the attractions cannot hold them in fixed positions, and they can move part each other.
Model developed by scientists to explain how solids, liquids and gases behave.