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Esther, For Such a Time as This

Haman was hanged on this he had prepared for Modecai. A cruel irony, don't you think?
Now how exactly do you spell the king's name?!
Geez, even though Esther was pure and virtuous, it still took one year to do this before she saw the king.
Esther is found in the __________.
The king took this from Haman and put in on Mordecai.
Haman and his wife were two peas in a pod, I think.
He said, "To whom would the king delight to do honour more than to myself?"
Esther's cousin turned dad
Too bad for her, she shouldve come when she was called
If you're really sad, you might wear this.
And if I perish, I ________.
Dedicated chapters to this remarkable woman and also number of Haman's sons.
This is where our story takes place
Word to describe Esther's beauty
A whole new level of fasting for this many days!
He learned the hard way that whatever you brew (or build) sooner or later comes back to you.