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Health Science Daily

An infectious agent that causes disease or illness in a host.
Two simple sugars joined together.
Adding nutrients to stimulate growth of bacteria to clean up oil spill.
Physiological state of the body in which the internal physical and chemical conditions are maintained within an acceptable range that is essential for the biological process.
Involves the building of larger, more complex molecules from smaller, simpler molecules.
The regulation of internal temperature by negative feedback mechanisms.
How well a pathogen causes disease.
A measurement of heart rate.
A common disease but low rate in a specific population.
An epidemic of infectious disease that has spread over a large area.
Animals with a body temperature that varies considerably in response to external conditions.
One of the key building blocks of cells and preform a wide range of functions.
Simple sugars, ring -shaped structures consisting of a single sugar molecule.
The organism in which a parasite or a pathogen does damage.
The chemicals that an organism needs in order to grow, build and repair tissue.
Animals that maintain a stable internal temperature.
Involves the breakdown of materials in an organism.
Any technological application that uses biological systems or living organisms to make products for specific use.
The complete set of an organism's hereditary information.
Occurs when an endemic disease becomes more frequent than expected.