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National Paul Bunyan Day – June 28

Ride at Paul Bunyan Land (2 words)
The only man who could shoe Babe
Created when Paul extinguished his fire with a pile of rocks (2 words)
Paul’s height is measured by ___ (2 words)
Paul Bunyan’s sweetheart
Who Paul Bunyan is believed to be named after
Occurred when Paul rolled over in his sleep
First wrote about Bunyan
The crew’s whiskers were sold for making ___
Paul’s crew of lumbermen were called the seven ____
It took five ___ to deliver Paul Bunyan as a baby to his parents
Paul Bunyan symbolizes ___
Town with Paul’s headstone
State with claims to Paul's Birth Certificate
The Grand Canyon was formed by Paul’s ___
The Reversible Dog
Paul Bunyan’s cook (2 words)
The burial place of Babe (2 words)
The first Paul Bunyan story (2 words)
MN’s 10,000 lakes were created from Paul and Babe's ____
Paul Bunyan Land location
Paul’s occupation
What Paul and his crew ate on Sun
Statue in MN where Paul is dropped to one knee
Paul could empty a pond of frogs with one ___
Paul called all his men ___
Paul & Babe stories passed down over the years
He embellished the tale in an advertising campaign
Paul scooped out the great lakes for ___