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Expert communicators are typically perceived as being ______ because they know a lot about what they are selling.
When we get target to accept small request before asking for a larger request (3 words)
When we begin by asking for an unreasonable large request (4 words)
Strong emotional response we experience when we feel that our freedom of choice is being taken away (2 words)
Persuaders must consider the cognitive, ______, and behavioral aspects of their methods.
When we do not realize that the social situation causes our behavior (2 words)
When we use our own behavior as a guide to help us determine our own thoughts and feelings (2 words)
When we view our behavior as caused by the situation, discounting the extent to which our behavior was caused by our own interest
One method of increasing attitude strength
Attitude change that occurs over time (2 words)
(4 words) Developed by Fishbein and Ajzen and has 3 variables: attitude toward behavior, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control
In order to be effective, persuaders must first get people's _________.
Relatively enduring evaluation of something
High self ____ are those who attempt to blend into a social situation in an attempt to be liked.
The principle of _______(2 words) says that for any given attitude object, the ABCs are normally inline with each other.
When we promise something desirable, with the intention of getting the person to imagine self engaging in behavior, then changing request to something higher (2 words)
Building up defenses against persuasion by mildly attacking the attitude position
_______message processing occurs when we think about how the message relates to our own beliefs and goals and involves our careful consideration of whether the persuasion attempt is valid or invalid.
When we engage in ______ message processing, we accept a persuasion attempt because we focus on what is most obvious.
The importance of an attitude, as assessed by how quickly it comes to mind is attitude ______.