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The Grammar of Words

Nouns that can be counted
In the sentence, "I wrote my best friend a letter," 'best friend' is the ________ object.
A phrase or clause that follows a verb to complete a verb phrase
A noun or adjective phrase in the verb complement that modifies a subject or object
Analyze a sentence into its component parts
A conjunction such as 'although', 'because', 'if', 'unless', that connects a main clause and a dependent or subordinate clause
An aspect that indicates completed action, formed by 'have' + past participle
A mood used to make factual statements, ask questions, or express opinions as if they were facts.
An auxiliary verb used to indicate that the proposition underlying a statement is simply the case or is believed to be the case
Word that modifies (limits, qualifies , or specifies) a noun
A pronoun used to introduce a relative clause such as 'that', 'which', 'who', 'whom', and 'whose'.
A word that co-occurs with a noun to express certain qualities of that noun; for instance, 'a' in 'a noun' indicates that we mean 'any noun from among all nouns,' whereas 'the' in 'the noun' indicates that we mean 'noun previously selected from among all nouns for purposes of this sentence.'
A verb that appear with two objects as in "We give you lots of examples"
A word that modifies (limits, qualifies, or specifies) either a verb or an adjective or another adverb
A verb form that indicates tense