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Plant Kingdom

EMAT 689 Summer 2018
Is a non-flowering vascular plant.
Provides plants what they need in order to grow.
Vascular plants can live
A reproductive structure of seedless vascular plants
Area where non-vascular plants can live.
The process by which cells & organisms produces others of the same kind.
Non-Vascular plants are all _________.
Non-vascular plants reproduces through their ______.
Is a flowering vascular plant.
A vascular plant the reproduces through their spores.
The reproductive structure of seed bearing plants.
Non-vascular plants can live in _______.
Plants that has no real roots or leaves. They can't grow tall.
A part of a plant that will grow into a new plant.
All _________ plants produces flowers and some also bear fruits.
Oldest living thing on earth.
Vascular plants can live in the _________.
Is a non-vascular that looks like a green carpet.
Vascular plants can be _______ plants.
Plants that has tissues to carry nutrients to the other parts of the plant.