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South Africa Trivia

Housed a maximum-security prison that mostly contained black men incarcerated for political offenses.
This country makes up most of South Africa's northern border and has one of the strongest economies in Africa.
Forced separation of blacks and whites in South Africa.
Current President
Known as the first settler and founder of Cape Town.
South African of Dutch, German, or French Huguenot descent
South Africa has this many capitals.
Capital that represents the legislative branch of government.
Government forced homelands for South African blacks.
These settlers were the first to colonize South Africa.
Cleric and anti-apartheid activist
Popular sport in South Africa
Bantu ethnic group in South Africa
Also colonized parts of South Africa
Cape of ____
Country on the northwest border whose capital is Windhoek
Capital that represents the judicial branch of the government.
This official language is derived mostly from Dutch.
First President of South Africa sentenced to life in prison for treason.
Capital that represents the executive branch of government.
This country is surrounded by South Africa on all sides.
Past President
Last Prime Minister and first State President, called "P.W."
June 16, 1976 youth uprising happened in ____.
National animal of South Africa
President who helped end apartheid.
Dutch diamond mining company in South Africa