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Rev. Dr.  James E. Deas, Sr.
The wife of Elimelech, and mother in law of Orpah and Ruth
She became Queen, when the King of Persia's wife, Vashti refused to appear at the banquet for his nobles
A Christian woman of Joppa who was known for her charitable works
She was barren in her old age. GOD removed the stigma of childlessness and she became the mother of John the Baptist
The older daughter of Laban; and Jacob's first wife
One of the women who came to Jesus' tomb on the Sunday following the crucifixion , and reported to the eleven that Jesus had risen
The mother of Jesus
The Queen of Ethiopia whose servant became a believer in Christ and was baptized by Philip
Younger daughter of Laban, the second wife of Jacob. The mother of Joseph and Benjamin
Aged prophetess who recognized the Messiah when He was brought to the temple for dedication.
The mother of Eunice; and grandmother of Timothy. Paul exalted her as a model of Christian faith
The first European converted to Christ under the preaching of Paul at Philippi
A leader of Israel, a prophetess, a judge, and the wife of Lapidoth
The first woman created by GOD
Moses first wife
The mother of Samuel, who served the Lord under the direction of Eli
She welcomed Jesus as a guest in her home; concerned with meeting the obligation of a hostess
The wife of Zebedee, the mother of James and John
The personal servant of Sarah, who was given to Abraham, and became the mother of Ishmael