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Q1 Week07: Vocabulary

text which appears at the top of a printed page
Colors that are adjacent to one another on the color wheel
Color mode for the internet
Has "little feet"
PNG's words
Color mode for printing
EPS's lossless words
Guidelines in a page layout software that shows a user the body copy areas (non-printing items)
change the complete size of the document without adjusting the contents of the document
allows the user to manipulate a path’s shape
Based on the number of pixels in a 1" x 1" square
PDF's words
Spaces between lines of text
visual effect added to an image to give the impression the image is raised above the background
changing a vector graphic, for uploading it to the internet
Spaces between letters
Without loss
Text that is shaped around the edges of images
Reduction in image quality through interpretation of graphics software in compression
Set of intersecting lines
space between 2 or more columns of text
a specific weight or style within a typeface
Based on a mathematical equation
Joint Photographer's Group abbrev.
where you want to draw the reader’s or viewer’s eye