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Acts of the Apostle

Teacher: Mr. David Bonnet
The author of the book of "Acts of the Apostles"?
In (Acts 5:33–39), this man's warning gives us a message from Luke that all is planned by God. The new church and worship not in the Temple no longer.
The number of years The Acts of the Apostles covers.
50 days after Jesus' death and a feast day celebrating the anniversary of the Church.
They lied about selling their property and they died.(2wds with "and" as one of the words)
First martyr of the Church
40 days after the death of Jesus and celebrated feast day.
In the time of salvation history, which stage is the Acts of the Apostles covering?
Baptizes the Ethiopian Eunuch
In (Acts 6:1—12:25) the next two regions of Palestine is where the activity of the church is spreading. (3 wds with one of the words is "and")
The man who sells everything
According to Luke this entity is responsible for the guidance of the church.(2 wds.)
In Acts 1:15-5:42 the church's activities are completed in this city.
Apostle who replaces Judas of Iscariot.
His mission was to the Gentiles
The first major figure of the church mentioned in the book of Acts