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The Piano Crossword: Life of Christoph Gluck (OBM)

by Piano Performer Magazine
Summer Issue 2018
Vol. X
Last name of French romantic composer (OBM), who greatly admired Gluck and his works.
Title of Gluck's baroque opera in three acts.
Frist name of Gluck's father.
Last name of one of Gluck's teachers.
Last name of libretttist (OBM) of Gluck's opera Orfeo ed Euridice.
One of the instruments that Gluck played one of his concerts.
Name of the city Gluck moved to in 1773.
A German composer (OBM) whose works influenced Gluck's style.
According to H.C. Robbins Landon (MGBH), an American musicologist, Gluck's passing opened the way for this composer in court (OBM).
Title of one of Gluck's operas.
One of music instruments that Gluck used to play.
The area in Germany where Gluck was raised.
The occupation Gluck's father hoped for him to have.
Name of the city where Gluck lived until he passed away.
Stage name of a famous Italian singer (OBM) for whom Gluck composed the famous, but notoriously difficult, aria "Se mai senti spirarti sul volto."
Maiden name of Gluck's wife (OBM).
Middle name of Christoph Gluck (OBM)
Title of Gluck's first opera.
Title of Gluck's ballet-pantomime.
First name of Gluck's mother