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Chemical Peels

Abundance of an ingredient in a solution
Affects the papillary dermis
Lipophillic acid that is self neutralizing
Beta hydroxy acid
Affects the epidermis
Product that digests keratin protein in the stratum corneum
A device that removes the dead skin cells via suction and abrasion
A chemical that dissolves oil
Removal of the top layers of the epidermis
Hydrophilic acid that requires neutralizing
A chemical that mixes with water
Alpha hydroxy acid-fruits and sugars
Contains a large amount of salicylic acid
Application of a solution to the skin to alter its pH for increased effectiveness of a chemical peel
Affects the stratum corneum
Acid application to the skin
Stops the action of an acid
Precipitative salts from salicylic acid evaporation
Enzyme in pineapple
Physical removal of dead skin cells
Harmful effects as the result of exposure
Recovery process after a treatment to return the skin to health
Affects the reticular dermis
A sign that a chemical peel has reached the dermis
Enzyme in papaya
Potential hydrogen, describes the acceptance of a chemical by the skin