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Luke and Hallie Wedding Crossword!

For their second date, Hallie showed off for Luke by taking him for a ride on this type of vehicle. Her plan backfired when she did a doughnut in the snow, causing both of them to fall off.
What type of food did Hallie and Luke eat on their first date?
Where Hallie spent four years in Nebraska.
The first movie Hallie and Luke watched together. Involves repeated warnings of shooting your eye out.
Luke played this sport in high school.
Hallie played this sport in high school.
The amount of times Luke chickened out of asking Hallie on a date.
Luke asked Hallie if she would go on a date with him in this month, and then proposed to her on the same day one year later.
Hallie is much better at this game then Luke is. Involves Italians known for their plumbing skills.
Hallie has watched this show 7 times, Luke has watched it 13 times.
The game Hallie and Luke played together before they started dating.
Why Hallie and Luke got married.