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Surgical Instrument and Device Management

Routine ____ should be performed upon leaving or entering the department, and hourly, to reduce the number of bacteria on the hands. (Combine both words).
Personnel entering the semi-restricted and restricted areas will ____ the head, hair, and facial hair.
Sterile instruments transported from SPD to other departments are contained in ____ carts or dust cover.
When double peel packaging is indicated, based on NSH guidelines, ensure the inner pouch is one ____ smaller than the outer pouch and the pouches are situated paper-to-paper and plastic-to-plastic.
Clean ____sterilization containers after each use.
Always follow manufacturer's ____for use when using chemicals and products, designed to clean and sterilize surgical instruments.
Cleaning and ____of instruments and equipment will occur as soon as possible after instruments and equipment are used.
The shelf life of a packaged sterile item will be considered ____ ____ sterility. (No space between the two words, spell in order).
A sterilization failure will be defined as any of the following: positive ____, mechanical failure, unsatisfactory integrator, or ___ load. (Combine both words in the order asked above).
Individuals who enter SPD and OR semi-restricted and restricted areas will wear scrub attire that has been ____at the health care-accredited laundry facility or wear single-use scrub attire provided by the facility and intended for use within perioperative areas. Scrub attire will be laundered after each daily use and when contaminated.
For event related sterility items, processed by the hospital, each package will have a label indicating the load number with the following statement: "STERILIZED - INDEFINITE _____LIFE UNLESS DANAGED OR OPENED."
No visible ____ is allowed in SPD because it is not easily or routinely cleaned daily, and it can harbor microorganisms.
All surgical services staff, including those working in SPD and the ____room, must follow standard precautions to prevent contact with blood, body fluids, or other potentially infectious materials.
Quality assurance of surgical instruments and devices occur at the following points in the instrument chain of custody: point of use, transport, decontamination, prep and pack, ____, storage and acquisition.
In the event of a recall ____ will notify the ____ and the Infection Prevention Practitioner of the sterilization failure. (Combine both words in the order asked above).
____is required by OSHA and is intended to protect healthcare workers from exposure to bloodborne pathogens and is not optional. (Acronym).
All packages going to floor units to be stored will be in sealed ___ covers. (e.g., trach trays on crash carts, special procedure trays).