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Science crossword

Teacher: ms.lipworth
Oil will not dissolve in water there for it is?
Oil and water will never...
More Kool-Aid can be added to the solution
It is mostly made up of dead skin
There is more solute then solvent in the solution
This solution can taste very strong because a lot of solute gets dissolved
How many characteristics are there in the particle theory of matter
More then two types of particles
Watered down juice is what type of solution
The limit of how much solvent you can add to your solution, before it is considered a saturated solution.
Opposite of hermogenenous
Particles are closely packed together
Only one type of particle
Opposite of homogenous
Another word for h20
Particles are very far apart
You cant and any more solute
There are how many layers in oil?
Particles are farther apart
Your substance can dissolve