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National Environmental Policy Act

Definitions come from Environmental Law Examples and Explanations Seventh Edition
Process where agencies plan a number of related and connected projects, but prepare individual EIS for each action. This process can be used as a way to avoid "major action" status, but leads to several problems.
When an agency prepares a PEIS and then is required to prepare subsequent impact statements for smaller site-specific actions within the "program" action
Report required to be prepared when an agency engages in a major federal action that significantly affects the the quality of the human environment
When adverse effects cannot be avoided, the portion of the EIS that evaluates the ability to avoid or minimize these adverse effects
Type of federal action requiring an EIS - designation of this type of action can be based on environmental impacts, but also upon the costs of a project, amount of planning required, or time needed to complete it.
Statute requiring every federal agency to investigate the environmental affects associated with any major federal action
Projects that have been predetermined to have no significant impact on the environment - types of projects where no EIS is required
Report produced after the EIS is initially prepared and after comment period. This report would address each comment made during the comment period.
The degree of impact the project would have upon the environment necessary to require an EIS; it is determined by the high degree of adverse effects and cumulative effects.
A substitute for the proposed action
Once environmental impacts are evaluated, the agency is required to evaluate ________ to the proposed action
Report required when the agency makes substantial changes to the proposed action or significant new circumstances arise that are relevant to the environmental concerns on the project
Type of impact statement where the agency includes a number of related actions together in one impact statement.
Different ways to go about the proposed action
Type of non-federal project where federal funding is a small percentage of funding thus not requiring an EIS because it is not a "major" federal action
Duty to predict possible environmental impacts, even if those effects are not known
The connection between the federal government's direct activity and a non-federal entity (i.e. state) that is eligible for federal funds or requires federal permits
Agency, established by NEPA, that is charged with giving general advice on environmental issues
Process by which the agency determines whether the EIS should consider a single action or a number of related actions.
A type of determination made after the EA, wherein no EIS is found to be warranted because there is no evidence that a significant effect on the environment would occur
Type of environment required to invoke an EIS - one that includes natural and physical considerations and not solely economic, socioeconomic, or psychological considerations
Type of report/evaluation that determines whether an EIS is necessary - whether there will be a significant impact on the environment (known as a mini-EIS)