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TOEFL Vocabulary, 'P' words

Her husband makes six figures, but she earns a ________ $11/hour.
Fighting fires and police work are some of the most __________ jobs that exist.
The old man tried to tell me how to get to the Interstate, but I don't think he knew what he was saying, because his directions were quite _________ and now I'm lost.
When I was a child, I knew exactly what would frustrate and upset my mother. Whenever she started to annoy me (or whenever I was in a bad mood), I would ________ her and "push her buttons."
The murderer not only killed the victim but ___________ her body as well. The victim was so unrecognizable that the coroner had to use dental records to identify her.
Physicists often study __________ like neutrons, electrons, ions, etc.
Can you please use a more _________ word than "good?" "Good" is so general.
France ________ and won the World Cup!
Although the government claims, "Safety is of _________ importance for our citizens," helmets are not required when riding scooters, bicycles or mopeds.
During monsoon season, there are _________ amounts of rainfall.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a _________ figure in the American Civil Rights movement.
Before she fainted, the girl's face turned deathly _________.
I enjoy staying in _________ hotels when I travel, but I usually can't afford such luxurious accommodations.
The Berlin Wall was a __________ symbol of the Cold War.
The chemicals in onions, combined with their _________ smell, often makes me cry.