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Earth Science

no spaces or dashes
The layer that contains earths liquid
The color of the rock when it is scratched against a surface
One of Earth's layers that absorb most of the UV rays
Changes in shape caused by deformation
Type of rock made by the cooling of magma or lava
High amounts of pollution causing this kind of rain
A pretty green igneous rock
Same stress on all sides
solidification of atoms or molecules into a highly structured
Result of an underwater earthquake
The shine of a rock, what we as people are attracted to
Process where water moves up through a plant
Gas to liqud
Pieces of the Earths Crust
Squeezing together in 1 direction
haze combined with smoke and other pollutants
Branch of science to deal with space and celestial objects
Spots in the asthenosphere where melting is occurring and magmas are produced
Large underground chamber caused by natural occurrences
Deformation of rocks that reach a high temperature
Aka speed
A storm of violent wind
A type of rock that arises from the transformation of existing rock types
Instruments that detect seismic waves
Records intensity, height and amplitude of earthquake waves
Condensed water falling to the ground
Type of rock formed by cementation of material at Earth's surface
Trough-like folds
preserving of ancient linguistic features
Solid to gas
a deep natural underground cavity formed by the erosion of rock
Arch-like folds
Large wave occurring in an enclosed body of water
How much space an object occupies
Thin layer of material above the Earth's mantle
Blocks of rock sliding past one another