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Oregon Law

Total destruction of the epidermis
Type of disinfectant use on a tool that does not have sharp edges and has no risk of contact with blood
An action performed on the skin that does not result in wounding of the skin, removing 100 % of the epidermis
This ingredient is forbidden in a chemical peel when mixed with resorcinol, phenol and salicylic acid
Type of disinfectant used on hard surfaces that may come in contact with blood
Written document with a licensed profession who can write a prescription
Standards that must be observed when performing laser treatments
Must be worn by a certified advanced esthetician
A licensed medical professional that a certified advanced esthetician may have a collaborative agreement with
If it can not be disinfected, all implements must be this
The distance in feet that the Indoor Air Act specifies that smoking and vaping must be done
Must list name, address, type of service, practitioner, allergies, technology used, description of complications
Certified advanced estheticians must disclose this to their clients
Type of vaginal rejuvenation that is NOT within the scope of practice of an advanced estheticians
These items must be disposed of in a sealable rigid container
Certification that must be maintained
Number of continuing education hours needed per year to renew an advanced esthetics license
Governmental agency that must register all devices used by Certified Advanced Estheticians
Length of time in years that a certificate for an advanced esthetician is valid and must be renewed