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Psychology of Religion

cognitive structure of knowledge that is organized and based on past experience
stage of faith in which the capacity for concrete operations develops
stage of faith in which the sphere of one's life broadens
first real stage of faith
conversion that is coerced
religious orientation that searches for answers
research technique that evaluates data on large groups
Religion in Personality Theory
deep, personal exploration of an experience
stage characterized by greatest diversity
inferiority complex
research technique that probes in-depth questions about individuals
religion as an end into itself
definition of religion that places emphasis on the belief, doctrine, creed or practice practice
the science of mental and behavioral processes
religion involves a person’s relationship to some “ultimate concern”
phenomena considered to be true origin of the psychology of religion
drugs that can facilitate spiritual and religious experiences
stage where the difference between fantasy and reality cannot be differentiated
trait dimensions of human makeup
The Future of an Illusion
stage of faith that involves the confrontation of unavoidable tensions occurs
A Course in Miracles
inexplicable phenomenon
most dramatic conversion
multiple intelligences
the "face" of therapeutic intervention in the 1900's
systemic stage model
spiritual intelligence
research technique that focuses on the individual
speaking in tongues
search for significance in ways related to the sacred
conversion is meaning
relationship with caregiver during childhood
routinized behaviors that are performed repeatedly, on either an implicit or prescribed schedule
model of how the brain receives, makes sense of, and processes information
six stages of moral judgement
stages of faith development
assess the amount of weight that its dimension carries in the overall profile of what suffering means
learning principles based on the reward, punishment, reinforcement, and imitation
Religious Experience Episodes Measure (REEM)