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Mrs.Henderson's Fifth Grade Class

Author: Tessa
Has lots of brothers and sisters and loves the rams
She is very kind and is tiny and very good at cheer
Has a great love for all sports and plays for a select soccer team and has a house in Colorado
Loves base has a collection of baseball cards and has a great heart
Has a really good voice and memorize the lyrics to every song
Is our tech support and helps with everything he can
Is great at baseball and did football for mason ridge live
Ha curly brown hair and loves under armor always has a lot under her desk
Has blonde hair always wears bright clothing and loves to read
Loves the stealers and plays kickball at recess he also just when on a trip
Has a fantastic personality and loves to tell people about bring to boy home
Has curly blonde hair and a hyper punch to her lifestyle
She loves cheer and made this crossword puzzle
Loves cheer and has a golden doodle and is writing about it in her informational article
Loves all animals and his mom is the plant lady he also is really good at drawing
Referred as cheese head and loves the packers
Loves the ravens and football in itself and just got excepted in to priory
Loves baseball, has a fun and interesting personality
Has the most curliest hair in America and gives the best hugs
Has a fun personality and has a great talent for music
She has broken something this year and always has pink on an has a kind heart
He is in mosaic's and has a great love for the chiefs
Loves lego's and cares for the geckos and just got a tee shirt that has a gecko on it