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France Challenges England

This government borrowed huge sums during the war to pay its heavy costs.
This was the second war between France and England which resulted in this New England settlement being destroyed by France's Indian allies.
Britain's decision to station 6,000 soldiers in the land won from the French was announced in the ____________ of 1763.
This French marquis from Menneville ordered the construction of a new chain of forts that ran from Lake Erie to the Ohio River.
This was the name of the first colonial conflict (war) between France and England.
This was the third war that took place between France and England and was named in honor of England's king.
After France lost the war, they had to surrender this country to the British.
This was the name of the war that took place between 1702-1713.
They changed the name of Fort Duquesne in honor of this man who successfully took over the war effort for the British.
This man served under General Braddock for the British and led 500 survivors back to safety after they were ambushed by the French.
This group of people organized under Pontiac, a chief of the Ottawa and tried to drive the settlers back across the Appalachian Mountains.
This treasury paid most of the bills for the French and Indian War.
This was the name of the Indian rebellion that the British put down.
The French and Indian War was also called the ________ Years War in Europe.
They won most of the battles for the first two years in spite of the fact that they were outnumbered.