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geography terms crossword puzzle

Teacher: Ione
a level and rather narrow area of land with one steep edge bordering a river lake or the sea
direction from which a steam is flowing
forest land covered by trees of sufficient size kind and quality to be a commercial value
the surface features of a region hill rivers roads ect.
an level area of high land verrifying in size from a mesa to an expensive plateau
a flow of moving water
an artificial passage
Russian term for midlatitude grasslands
a pasageway of water connecting two large bodies of water 
the line on a mountain above which trees do not grow
an area of low spongey wetland too wet to farm but usually supporting an abundance of coarse grasses trees or other vegetation
a stream that follows into another stream
a large flat plain without trees in the artic region
The highest part of a hill or moutain
alternate rise and fall of the water level of a lake or ocean caused by gravitational pull of the moon and earth