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Georgia Geography crossword

Power source that attracts people to the fall line
What resource does blue ridge provide to the entire state
The main water source for the coastal plains region
Largest waterfall located in Blue ridge region
The resource that only the Appalachian Plateau possesses.
Event that was the first of its kind, occurred in Blue ridge
Major city located in the Piedmont region
The ocean east of Georgia
Type of climate in the Coastal plains
This mountain range spans through Blue Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, and the valley and ridge region.
About how much of Georgia do the Coastal Plains cover
These islands protect the Coastal Plains from strong wind and waves
What clay is the Piedmont known for
The main factor that attracts workers to Georgia
type of soil does the Appalachian Plateau region have that prevents agriculture
Largest region of Georgia
Definition of Piedmont that describes the land
How many states border Georgia
Half of Georgias population lives here
What resource does the Coastal plains produce the most of in Georgia
Largest freshwater wetland in North America
Highest peak of Georgia
Reason for people living near the fall line
A mountain in the Piedmont region which creates a lot of tourism in this area
Resource that coastal plains have substantial amount of
This river is in between Georgia and Alabama
Region with the most rainfall
This river allow international trade between Georgia and other countries.
This feature separates the Piedmont and coastal plains
What types of cities are found near the fall line