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Women in WWII

Nickname of Anti Aircraft Artillery
Lyudmila Pavlichenko had over 300 kills as a __________.
German nickname for female Russian soldiers and saboteurs.
2LT Reba Whittle kept a ______ telling of her POW experieces
Several US women were awarded this medal for being wounded in combat
The USSR honored women soldiers with a postage ________ in 1974
British WRENs served as part of the ________
Air Force women acronym
German women served in the "Luftshutz" which means ________
This AXIS country's culture did not permit women to serve
A traditional role of women in wartime
Mary Ellis" memoir "A Spifire Girl" Told of her service in WWII as a ________
Allied Country with the most female soldiers
_____-the Riveter was an icon on the home front
Women were not allowed in combat by law in this country,but many still served
It took many years for most women to receive the _______ they earned for their bravery
Many women served non combat roles in combat working for this international organization
Women served in the Resistance in this country
Women acted as _______ in occupied countries
Female POWs were mostly in the Pacific Theater but one was shot down over _________
Women flew these from the factory to their bases
Women's Aux. Army Corps
Alexandra Boika was the commander her husband was the driver of this tracked vehicle